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Why & Where Print Still Matters in Sales & Marketing

In our current tech-bananas marketing environment, where digital channels dominate the minds of all, print materials may seem like a bit of a relic from the ancient world of catalogs, perfume samples, paper coupons, and paper billing statements. It turns out that print is still king (or queen) in certain arenas, and shouldn’t be pushed aside without consideration.

NorthCoast Media Group sits squarely at the intersection of video, audio, design, and marketing, and we see this classic marketing tool thriving inside of specific contexts: 

Tactile Experience & Audience Perception

Since our world has become dominated by screens, any concrete, physical experience has the power to capture our minds on another level, making well-designed print materials stand out. As creators of visual, physical, and auditory experiences, we understand the impact of engaging multiple senses using vibrant colors, paper weight, special finishes, die- and laser-cutting techniques, and special shapes and fold patterns. Print materials have the opportunity to become not just pieces of information but immersive experiences that resonate on a tangible level.

High-quality print materials, encompassing everything from creative sales pieces to advertising concepts, contribute significantly to elevated brand perception. A sophisticated print piece enhances the perceived value of your brand, capturing the attention of your target audience, especially for brands that wish to be seen as premium or highly desirable. If you’re looking for your brand to be seen as a level above, consider planning for premium print.

More Memorable Than Digital

Remember the book you read last month better than the lengthy on-line article you read last week? Right. Science is looking into reasons that humans seem to retain printed information on a deeper level than things we read on screens. Some studies now show that perhaps this is because when we read from screens, we tend to read faster, and also that our mind likes to “place” pieces of information, and scrolling may not allow us to do that as well as it can with text on/in a physical item. 

Credibility & Trustworthiness

High-quality print pieces convey a sense of authority and trustworthiness. Not that there isn’t a whole lot of printed propaganda out there, but there’s even more misinformation online and, as long as we’re not talking about political mailers (NorthCoast doesn’t take on projects of that nature, so don’t ask), companies who are willing to spend money and time to create a quality print piece have an opportunity to boost their image as trustworthy, credible resource for their audience.

Highly Targeted Placement

With print, you have an opportunity to make an impression in a more concrete way at events, as well-targeted mail, and in sales capacities. By carefully balancing your media mix and including print in the right time and place for your target audience, you can leave a more permanent mark than with only your digital plan - and at a time when others are opting out of printing, giving you even more visibility when using an intelligently-placed, well-made print piece at point-of-sale or during other key parts of the sales journey or event experience. Your print run doesn’t even have to be large, it just has to be SMART, and today’s technology allows us to target like never before. 

NorthCoast produces everything from live (and virtual) events to videos to content to print pieces, and we recognize the enduring power of print in making a lasting impression. Embrace the tactile brilliance, leverage targeted distribution, and elevate your brand perception and trustworthiness. In the world of marketing, a well-crafted, well-timed print piece has the power to be the missing link that captures the minds - and memory - of your audience.


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