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How Do You Know When It's Time To Redesign Your Logo?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Lately, we’ve had clients come to us looking for help with logo design or redesign, and our marketing and design team loves projects like these. Creating clean, functional logos is one of our favorite things to do. We last updated our own logo in 2021, during an ownership change and brand refresh.

For our own redesign, we took the two existing brands that were purchased, NorthCoast Productions and Made Ya Look, and redesigned as one brand, NorthCoast Media Group:




So, how do you know when it’s time to update your company’s logo? Here are some key areas to consider when re-creating your logo:

How Scalable & Legible Is Your Logo? Did someone make your logo with a little too much script? Too little contrast? Are hard-to-read, poorly sized (or spaced) fonts reducing your logo’s effectiveness? Logos that are not easily scalable or lack clarity when resized are a problem we see more often than any other issue.

Perhaps your logo was created by someone who didn’t think beyond screen size or by someone who didn’t have a proper understanding of the logo requirements. Logos get used for MANY different applications: on websites, vehicles, product labels and packaging, social media, billboards, video, apparel, and in print and advertising materials. A logo should be adaptable and able maintain its integrity across various sizes and formats and a good designer will create your updated logo with all uses in mind.

…and don’t even get us started on raster graphics vs. vector graphics.

Newly Negative Connotations It may have come to pass that your company's logo has, rather unfortunately, become associated with outdated perceptions or other, unplanned, negative connotations. In that case, a logo redesign can help your business shed any negative connotations and present a fresh image to customers and stakeholders. Depending on the severity of the logo’s offense, a little extra PR push or rebranding may be needed, in addition to the logo refresh - we can help with those items, too.

Rebranding or Repositioning Is your company planning for or undergoing a rebranding process or shifting its positioning in the marketplace? It can make sense to take an opportunity like this to update your logo to reflect the new brand identity or messaging, in this situation. Your logo should accurately represent the core values, vision, and personality of your company, so if your old logo isn’t aligning with your new vibe, it’s time to freshen it up!

Hey, This Logo Looks Kind of…Old. If you’re starting to get the feeling that your logo looks outdated and longer aligns with current design trends, it might be time for a logo refresh. Styles and trends evolve over time and a logo that appears old-fashioned can give the impression that the company is stagnant or out of touch with modern aesthetics – unless, of course, that is a key part of your brand.

Maybe your logo just needs a little facelift or perhaps a bigger overhaul is needed; either way, if your logo has been around for a while, it might be time to think about a design refresh.

Mergers & Acquisitions In the case of mergers or acquisitions, a logo update can help represent the combined brand identity. Updating your combined image(s) allows for the integration of visual elements from each brand into a cohesive brand image, if multiple brands are becoming one.

Looking A Little Too Much Like Your Competition? If your current logo looks uncomfortably similar to competitors' logo, it might be wise to update it to create a distinctive and memorable identity. A unique and recognizable logo can help your company differentiate itself and attract attention in a crowded marketplace.

Feedback from Customers or Employees Have you heard whispers of people not “getting” your logo? You’ll need to be open to criticism and allow people to be honest with you on this one, but finding out more about how your logo is perceived is absolutely invaluable information to have. If your customers, cohorts, and employees consistently provide feedback that the logo does not accurately represent the brand or fails to resonate with the target audience, it's well worth considering a logo update. ...

Ultimately, the decision to update your logo should be based on evaluation of the company's brand strategy, market positioning, visual identity, and feedback from relevant stakeholders. You should approach a logo redesign with strategy in mind. You’ll need to be able to convey your vision and strategy to your designer (that's us), so that the new logo effectively represents your company and values. Our logo designers are ready to help create a design that fits your company and your goals. You'll enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy logo design projects, which is A LOT!

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